4 concrete screws to fasten the garbage screen

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Concrete screws 10 mm to fasten the garbage screen.

  • Can be mounted in tiles, concrete substrates etc.
  • Borehole diameter 8 mm.
  • Galvanized
  • Package of 4 pcs.

We recommend attaching with min. 4 pcs.

Concrete screws are special screws designed to be attached to concrete. They have a very special geometry and material that allows them to cut into the surface of the concrete and create a strong and permanent hold. Concrete screws are often also referred to as concrete anchors or concrete bolts, but it covers the same.

The concrete screws typically have a helical cutting head that cuts into the surface of the concrete when turned in. This cutting head is often made of hard steel or carbide that can withstand the high pressure required to cut into concrete.

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