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Article: byJEMA planters for indoor use

EDGY plantekasse

byJEMA planters for indoor use

With byJEMA's steel planters, you can create a beautiful green element that enriches your home or office with nature and aesthetics. Our planters in corten steel, galvanised steel and black lacquered steel are not only designed for outdoor use, but can also be easily brought indoors with the right customisation.

Customisation for indoor use
To transform our outdoor planters into an indoor oasis, we recommend insulating them with a waterproof fabric, such as pond liner. This simple customisation ensures that any moisture from the soil is kept inside the planter.

EDGY plantekasse

Create your personal green oasis
With byJEMA's steel planters, you can create your own personal green oasis indoors. Whether it's in the living room, office or any other part of your home or workplace, our planters can add life, character and beauty to any space.

edgy plantekasse

Discover our range of planters in corten steel and galvanised steel or choose our elegant black lacquered planters and take the first step towards creating an indoor environment filled with natural beauty and inspiration.

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