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Corten steel fire pits

Quality corten steel fire pit - perfect for cozy moments with family and friends.

Corten steel fire pits have become a hit for their robustness, ease of maintenance and ability to create cozy outdoor environments. They are ideal for garden or patio gatherings and offer convenient grilling options. Safety is essential, and byJEMA's fire pits have smart features such as a drainage hole and an integrated insert for easy lighting.

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Maintenance and safety

Maintenance is the key to durability. These fire pits are not only a heat source, but also a gathering point that enhances the outdoor experience. When lighting the fire pit, use larger pieces of wood for air circulation and smaller pieces for stability. Keep water or a fire cover nearby for safety. With the aesthetics and longevity of corten steel, these fire pits are an attractive addition to any outdoor space.

Before you light up your new corten fire pit, it's important to think about safety. Make sure the fire pit is on a stable, flame-retardant surface and not too close to flammable objects.
byJEMA's fire pit has a hole in the bottom to make it easier to drain rainwater and also has an integrated fire pit insert so you can easily light a fire in the fire pit.

To maintain good function and durability, it's important to maintain your fire pit. Make sure to clean it after every use and protect it from rain and moisture if it's not used for long periods of time.

The corten steel fire pit also serves as a great source of heat, especially on chilly evenings. You can cozy up with friends and family around the fire while enjoying the warm and cozy atmosphere it creates.

Finally, with benches or chairs around the fire pit, you can create a great outdoor experience. Corten steel fire pits are perfect for attracting attention and creating a central space to gather around.

Tips for lighting the fire:

To light your fire pit in the easiest way possible, follow these steps:

  • Preparation: Place some large pieces of wood in the bottom of the fire pit for good air circulation. Add some smaller pieces of wood on top to create a good, stable fire.
  • Light the fire: Use a match or lighter to light paper or dry leaves under the wood. Be patient until the fire is well underway.
  • Add wood: Once the fire is well established, you can add larger pieces of wood on top to keep the fire burning for longer.
  • Control the fire: Keep an eye on the fire and make sure there is enough air circulation to keep the fire going. You can also adjust the logs so that the fire burns evenly.

It's also important to have water or a fire blanket nearby in case of an accident.

Corten steel is popular.

Corten steel fire pits have become incredibly popular in recent years due to their robust and rustic appearance. Corten steel is a material that becomes beautiful with age and is known for its durability and resistance to the elements.

A Corten fire pit is a great addition to any outdoor décor and creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. It's perfect for an evening with friends and family or for enjoying a quiet evening alone.

When choosing a corten steel fire pit, consider the size of the fire pit. How many people will you typically have gathered around the fire pit? If you have a large family or frequently entertain guests, it's a good idea to choose a larger fire pit.