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Corten steel lawn edging and garden rings

Transform your garden landscape with our versatile corten steel lawn edging and garden rings.

Ideal for creating sharp, aesthetic divisions in your garden, our lawn edging and garden rings provide a perfect setting for grass, gravel and flower beds. The unique rust patina of corten steel adds a natural, rustic look to any outdoor space, from garden beds to patios and pool areas. These grass edgings and garden rings are not only beautiful but also functional, with benefits such as weather resistance, easy installation, and keeping grass and weeds down.

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Corten steel lawn edging can be used in many different contexts, depending on design and function. They are often used in landscaping to edge paths, beds and gardens, as the patina of corten steel gives a rustic and natural effect. They can also be used to edge terraces, pool areas or to enclose plants in garden beds. They can also be used to create a formal look or to guide people through an area. Grass edging can also help limit weeds and trim the grass in a particular area.

There are several benefits to using garden rings to protect newly planted trees:
  • Reduced damage from weather: Garden rings can protect trees from wind damage and other weather-related damage while they are in their early growth phase.
  • Protection against robotic or manual mowers
  • Easy to install: Garden rings is easy to install and maintain.
  • Increased chance of survival: Garden rings can increase tree survival rates as they protect trees from damage and ensure good growth.
The advantage of using steel garden rings over plastic is that they are more durable and can withstand weather and animal damage better. They also have a longer lifespan as they are not prone to damage from UV radiation or temperatures.