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Justérbar fod (1 stk.)
Adjustable foot (1 pc) Sale price€4,00 EUR


Adjustable feet for CUBY and EDGY plant boxes are sold separately. 

The adjustable feet can be used together with the base plate and 2 nuts are included per foot. The feet are used if there is a large difference in level on a solid surface or for some other reason there is a need to adjust the height of the plant boxes.

  • Unit : 1 piece
  • Black plastic foot with M8 galvanised bolt.
  • The diameter of the foot is 35 mm.
  • Effective thread length 91 mm.
  • We recommend 4 feet per. meters.

An adjustable foot can help provide extra stability and adjustability to a ten planter or fire pit grill. It can help compensate for crooked or uneven surfaces, and make it easier to adjust the height or angle of a planter or fire pit grill.