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Galvanized steel - what is galvanized steel?

Materials and surfaces for durable outdoor use in Scandinavia's challenging climate

At byJEMA, we have a passion for creating products that are not only beautiful, but also durable for many years - especially in the harsh Scandinavian climate. Our expertise lies in selecting the best materials and applying surface treatments that ensure longevity and minimal maintenance.

Galvanized steel: The perfect choice for outdoor use

Galvanizing steel is a proven solution that protects steel from the harsh elements. This process involves a zinc treatment that makes the steel extra robust and virtually maintenance-free. At byJEMA, we use hot-dip galvanized steel sheet that we precision laser cut, carefully bend and bolt together to create our durable outdoor products.

galvaniseret bænksæt

Innovative design with durability in mind

Although laser cutting can break the galvanized surface and reveal the steel underneath, our products are designed with this in mind. Approximately two-thirds of the galvanized protection remains intact, providing a unique aesthetic and ensuring long-term durability. Over time, these cuts will develop a darker corrosion that complements the natural transition from a shiny to a matte finish on the galvanized steel.

Minimal maintenance, maximum durability

Galvanized steel is extremely durable in Scandinavian conditions. Any scratches or cuts in the material will gradually 'heal' itself as the zinc layer continues to develop a protective barrier. A simple cleaning with lukewarm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge is all that is required to maintain your byJEMA products.

bord-bænkesæt i galvaniseret stål

Galvanized steel in your outdoor space: Aesthetics and functionality

Our range of raised beds, planters and outdoor furniture in galvanized steel is designed to complement any architectural style. Whether you prefer wooden or steel beds, our galvanized steel products will give off minimal traces of rust or zinc, which is safe for both plants and soil.

We're proud of our extensive collection of durable, aesthetically pleasing planters, planters and raised beds - all made from quality galvanized steel.