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Good advice when you plant

  1. Use good soil: Use good quality soil that is rich in nutrients and good drainage. This will give your plants the best chance of thriving in the plant box.

  2. Make sure good drainage: Make sure the plant box has drainage holes at the bottom so excess water can drain away. This will prevent the roots from roting.

  3. Use appropriate size plant box: Choose a plant box that fits the size of your plants. Too large plant boxes can lead to too much soil and too little space for the roots. For small plant boxes can lead to lack of space and nourishment for the roots.

  4. Give your plants enough sunlight: Make sure the plant box is placed in a place where the plants will receive enough sunlight.

  5. Use fertilizer: Give your plants regular fertilizer to make sure they have enough nutrients to grow and thrive.

  6. Monitor soil humidity: Make sure the soil in the plant box is always moist but not flooded. This can be checked by sticking a finger in the ground.

  7. Pruning regularly: crop your plants regularly to keep them in shape and prevent them from becoming too large for the plant box.

  8. Rotational cultivation: Rotate your plants in the plant box so they don't use the same soil and nutrients all the time. This will help prevent drying of the soil and prevent plants from being attacked by pests and diseases.