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Firewood storage corten steel CUBY 284,5 x 120 x 40 cm

Sale price€954,00 EUR
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Brænde opbevaring i cortenstål 284,5 x 120 x 40 cm
Firewood storage corten steel CUBY 284,5 x 120 x 40 cm Sale price€954,00 EUR


Assembly Instructions

CUBY Firewood storage set with firewood storage modules and CUBY bench.

This installation consists of 2 firewood storage corten steel modules 80 x 120 x 40 cm. and 1 CUBY bench with a black lacquer finish.

  • Length: 284,5 cm.
  • Height: 120 cm.
  • Depth: 40 cm.
  • Can be built in combination with other CUBY items.

The firewood storage is delivered as a self-assembly kit, including bolts and nuts.

A firewood storage is a practical accessory for your grill or fire pit. It allows you to store firewood and other storage needs close to your grill or fire pit, so you always have what you need at hand. The firewood rack can be made of corten steel or galvanized steel, and it can come in different sizes and designs, including benches.

Our firewood storage is a beautiful and easy solution. They are lightweight and easy to assemble and come in a variety of setup options.

Regardless of the type of firewood storage you choose, it is important to ensure that it is large enough to store the firewood you need and that it is robust enough to withstand weather and wind. The firewood racks are also a great way to keep the fire pit area and surroundings tidy and organized.

One of the advantages of a steel firewood storage is its durability. Steel is a strong and robust material that can withstand moisture and weather conditions that can degrade other materials over time. This means that a steel firewood rack will last for many years, and you won't have to worry about replacing it in a short time.

Finally, a steel firewood rack can also be a stylish addition to your garden or outdoor area. We have different designs of steel firewood storage, so you can choose one that suits your personal taste and style.

Overall, a steel firewood rack is a practical, durable, and low-maintenance solution for storing firewood in your garden or outdoor area. It will keep your firewood dry and protected, and it will look good for many years to come.

    Download the assembly instructions here: Assembly Instructions.pdf