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Grill gloves in heavy suede

Sale price€27,00 EUR
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Grillhandsker i kraftig ruskind
Grill gloves in heavy suede Sale price€27,00 EUR


The heavy suede barbecue glove provides optimal protection against heat, flames and fire when you light up your BBQ fire pit grill.

Heat-resistant and allows you to easily move the firewood around or move the pizza oven.

  • The glove is one size.
  • Both right and left gloves are included.
  • Long shaft on glove for increased protection.
  • Heavy suede leather that insulates and protects against heat.

Heavy suede barbecue gloves are designed to protect your hands from the high heat generated by grilling. Suede is a strong and heat-resistant material that is able to withstand high temperatures and protect hands from heat and sparks.

The gloves have a long shaft that protects the forearms from the heat and provides extra safety when gripping items on the grill. They are also often made with a flexible and lightweight material that allows for easy hand movement and easier handling of barbecue tools.

So, by using heavy suede barbecue gloves, you can protect your hands from heat and sparks while still being able to handle your barbecue tools with safety and comfort. It's a must-have accessory for any barbecue enthusiast.