Raised bed corten steel EDGY 237 x 120 x 40 cm

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  1. Use good soil: Use good quality soil that is rich in nutrients and good drainage. This will give your plants the best chance of thriving in the plant box.

  2. Make sure good drainage: Make sure the plant box has drainage holes at the bottom so excess water can drain away. This will prevent the roots from roting.

  3. Use appropriate size plant box: Choose a plant box that fits the size of your plants. Too large plant boxes can lead to too much soil and too little space for the roots. For small plant boxes can lead to lack of space and nourishment for the roots.

  4. Give your plants enough sunlight: Make sure the plant box is placed in a place where the plants will receive enough sunlight.

  5. Use fertilizer: Give your plants regular fertilizer to make sure they have enough nutrients to grow and thrive.

  6. Monitor soil humidity: Make sure the soil in the plant box is always moist but not flooded. This can be checked by sticking a finger in the ground.

  7. Pruning regularly: crop your plants regularly to keep them in shape and prevent them from becoming too large for the plant box.

  8. Rotational cultivation: Rotate your plants in the plant box so they don't use the same soil and nutrients all the time. This will help prevent drying of the soil and prevent plants from being attacked by pests and diseases.

"Materials and surfaces that can handle many years of outdoor use in the harsh Scandinavian climate"

At Byjema we love delicious products that last for years.

Corten steel

Corten steel or the Cor-TEN If we need to use the right term is a type of steel that rusts quickly in the surface, but has a slower penetration than, for example, soft steel. One can thus say that the rust layer prevents the material from rusting. CThus, orthe steel can last outdoors for decades - completely maintenance -free.

When we process the material at our factory, the material is similar to ordinary black steel. On delivery, the steel is still black, but after a few weeks of outdoor location - depending on the season - the rust layer will slowly emerge. If you are impatient, the process can be accelerated by once washing followed by salt water spray.

When placing on tiles or wood, the substrate must be protected for the first time from rust markings, as the rust in the rain will drip down the substrate. This subsides after a few months, but we always recommend paying attention.

When you receive your Corten plant box or high bed, it looks like first picture. This is what the steel looks like before it begins the rust process. 
The beautiful red color gradually changes with the weeks, months and years, and you can therefore experience your products change color.
What is corten steel

High -beds, plant basins and outdoor fixtures in corten steel

Whether you plant in wood or steel beds makes no difference. The steel can give off a bit of rust at the edge of the bed, but not something that is dangerous for neither plants nor soil.

A walk in the world's largest cities and latest neighborhoods shows a great trend in the design of outdoor areas. Maintenance -free elements in raw steel look -corten steel. Where we have seen rust in the past as a problem and something to be hidden with paint, we now experience the red color as trendy, welcoming and warm. The red rust color in its look and experience is very similar to wood, but with better properties in durability and maintenance. Rusty iron look - corten steel - is the very hot material of the time. At Byjema we love the Corten look!


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EDGY raised bed in 3 mm. corten steel plate. The bent over edges provide an attractive finish, perfectly straight joints and greater strength. Perfect size for garden raised beds. It's easy to assemble.

  • Danish design, manufactured byJEMA.
  • Retains its attractive appearance for decades with no maintenance.
  • Place it directly on grass or soil.
  • Is also available in custom lengths - calculate price here
The corten steel comes with a small oil film and is therefore not rusted upon delivery.

Raised beds, planter boxes, and flower pots are delivered as self-assembly including bolts, nuts, and detailed instructions.