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Article: Are you considering a CUBY bbq fire pit?


Are you considering a CUBY bbq fire pit?

Are you considering whether a CUBY bbq fire pit is for you? So read on here. Here you can read reviews of CUBY bbq fire pit from our customers.

Dagge waldstrøm
Dagge Waldenström, owner Dagge's mat, Participant Sweden's MasterChef:

"When I was looking for bbq fire pits on the web, I looked at Ofyr, but found the byJEMA bbq fire pit and first noticed it was cube-shaped instead of round, which I think is more convenient. Really smart with wheels on and the drip tray that makes sure that fat doesn't run down on the balcony is perfect. The only thing I was a little worried about was that when it is in a lower price range than of the of Ofyr, I thought the material would be thinner but I was wrong. It is built in solid materials and I am so happy with my purchase! ”
Kent Hammartsen

Kent Hammarsten, Gastrovin, Studio Nian, Dinnerathome:
"Why did we choose the bbq fire pit from byJEMA? It was a simple choice for us, the bbq fire pit has everything we need for an experience around a grill. Such as really good heat, both from the plate and from the grill. We can choose how the heat must be distributed around the grill and we can easily cook for 20 people on CUBY bbq fire pit.
The grill is also a gathering place, all of our guests are drawn to it, everyone will be around the grill, the perfect heat in winter to warm up and the perfect campfire in the summer.
The Danish design only makes the grill even better, stylish design, the grill feels big, but it does not fill too much. Easy to move because the grill has small wheels that can also be locked.
The grill weighs a lot when it's put together, but if you separate the grill, one person can move it wherever you want.
What we thought about before we chose byJEMA was to measure where the grill should be placed so that it had space for everyone around it and that it was visible.
The best thing about the grill is that you can extend it with pizza oven and now also rotisserie. So now we can bake pizza, bake bread, grill a whole chicken and meat.
We see no disadvantages of the grill, we chose a grills, which are black, and the only thing that is needed is to wipe the sides as it may look a bit stained.
We are very pleased with our bbq fire pit from byJEMA ”.

Johannes Örnemark

Johannes Örnemark, chef, Participant Sweden's MasterChef:
"Grilling over open fire is fantastic, especially if the source is wood. Grilling over open fire is a completely different feeling and makes cooking really fun and real. At the same time you can have a built-in frying table that holds food for lots of guests which is completely magical. To roast hamburgers or make pancakes for the kids is a pleasure. The versatility of being able to make pizza, grill on rotisserie and have different temperature zones means you can grill most on the grill. The grill is also easy to clean and always becomes the center of the party or the event. If you compare it to all similar competitors, this one is also incredibly affordable ”. Johannes Örnemark, chef

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