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Article: Black Friday, Discount Codes, Offers and Sale

Ingen black friday, rabatter eller udsalg

Black Friday, Discount Codes, Offers and Sale

Black Friday

At byJEMA, we have made the conscious decision not to participate in Black Friday. While this shopping day is undoubtedly a golden opportunity for many businesses and consumers, we have several reasons for staying out.


Our products are designed and manufactured to last for many years, which is in direct contrast to the "buy and throw away" culture that often prevails on Black Friday. We believe in investing in quality and sustainability over short-term gratification.

Fair pricing

We believe in fair pricing all year round. Our prices reflect the time, effort and materials that go into the production of our products. Cutting prices significantly for a single day would undermine the value we want to give our customers every day.

Focus on customer experience

We place great emphasis on the personalized customer experience and take the time to advise and guide our customers. Black Friday creates a pressure and urgency that doesn't allow for the kind of interaction we value.

Family values

As part of the family-owned JEMA Group, we believe in upholding our family values, which include integrity, quality and long-term thinking. Black Friday does not fit into this philosophy.

We hope our customers understand and respect our decision and continue to choose quality and sustainability when shopping at byJEMA.

Sales, discount codes, offers or spot prices

We will not run offers, discount codes, spot prices or sales on our products.

We set a fair, competitive price that changes according to the purchase price of steel.

Therefore, you may find that prices change both up and down.

We are a proud manufacturing company where we design and produce everything ourselves.

We have many hands that your goods pass through. We have technical designers, production technologists and robot operators. In addition, we have some great people in our warehouse who pack each order and make sure all units are included.

We can produce a lot and therefore have a stock of most products.

Out of respect for all our wonderful employees who work hard every day to make sure you get your products within a few days, we will not reduce our prices and will maintain our very competitive prices.

High volume discount: For very large orders, the shop system can automatically apply a small discount.

We hope you understand our choice.


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