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Article: Seasons in the garden

Sæsoner i haven

Seasons in the garden

We have collected some ideas for, how you can spend time in the garden or on the terrace in the different seasons.

vinter i haven
  • Use the winter to plant trees and bushes - though not by hard frost.
  • Leave leaves to insulate against the frost.
  • Cover up your perennials plants.
  • Maintain tools.
  • Buy the extra plantboxes, raised beds you were missing last season. At this time of the year, the cortensteel is quick to rust and will look great for spring and summer.


forår i haven
  • Preparation of raised beds and planting.
  • When the winter frost is over, remove leaves/foliage and cut perennials, grasses and roses. A good time is late March/early April.
  • In mid-April  begin fertilizing garden a little.
  • Enjoy the plants in your plant boxes, which gradually begin to sprout with new leaves


sommer i haven
  • Remember to water during dry periods.
  • Divide bulbs (crocus and snowdrops, etc. after flowering) and plant them out in new planteboxes
  • Enjoy your plant boxes are in full bloom, the strawberries are sweet, the carrots are crisp and the smell of basil and mint from the raised beds enhances the sensory impressions.
  • Have a moment on the bench and enjoy the calm.
  • Have a seat on the lounge sofa with a cold glass of white wine along with good friends.
  • Grill all your favorite foods on the fire grill and let the neighbors become curious on the delicious scents.


    efterår i haven

    • All plants grow best when they are planted in the fall because they can set a good root system before growth.
    • Extend the warm evenings with the fire and heat from the lounge table with the gas fireplace.
    • Plant the most beautiful heather plants in the plant boxes in dark purple and pink colors.
    • Share perennies if they stand too close.
    • Plant bulbs, tulips, daffodils, etc.
    • Purchade plant boxes for next year's garden project.
    • Decorate your planters with pumpkin, chili and the beautiful leaves of autumn.
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