Black Friday, Discount Codes, Offers and Sale

We will not be doing Black Friday, discounts, or sale on our products.

We establish a fair, competitive price that changes depending on the prices of steel.

Therefore, you may experience price fluctuations both up and down.

We are a proud manufacturing company, where we design and produce everything ourselves.

We have many hands your goods go through. We have technical draftsmen, production technologists, and robot operators.
Additionally, we have some wonderful people in our warehouse who ensure that each order is packed and ensure that all units are included.

We can produce a lot and therefore have a stock of the vast majority of products. Out of respect for all our wonderful employees, who work hard every day to ensure that you can get your products within a few days, we are not going to reduce the prices and maintain our very competitive prices.

Bulk purchase discount: For very large orders, the shop system can automatically assign a smaller discount.
In addition, it is possible to get a 5% discount if you want to pick up your goods yourself.

Contact us at if you want to collect yourself and get the discount code.

We hope for your understanding of our choice.