Cook your food over an open fire

A lot of people are stressing and trying to find peace in a busy day. When you cooking outdoors, you have time for contemplation and to enjoy the present. You can not rush it, you just have to enjoy the presence and the conversations it engenders. There is something about fire, flames and the heat of a bonfire. It makes you want to be, enjoy the present and the time with familiy and friends.

Grill, fire and the smoke from the wood make the taste experience even stronger, and you get a delicious roasting surface on your meat. Get all the sensory impressions of the completely optimal sensory experience outdoors. 

There is no need for digital means here, you can feel, taste, smell when your food is properly prepared.

Why cook over an open fire?

  • Gathering point for family and friends
  • Back to the primitive ways.
  • The food can not be rushed and it can be de-stressing and soothing to observe, smell and wait for the food to be finished.

What is possible to make on the grill?

Everything -it's only the imagination that sets the limits.
  • Fry, saute your vegetables.
  • Grill or flambé your meat
  • Boil your potatoes
  • Bake your pancakes
  • Bake your pizza in the pizza oven
  • Grill your chicken
  • Simmering dishes
  • One-pot pasta
  • Oysters
  • Shellfish
  • Barbecue skewers
  • Burgers
  • Desserts like pineapple or banana
  • S'mores 
  • And so much more ...
    Let your kids be a part of cooking og preparations. Let them find a stick for puff pastry or to put meat and vegetables on.

    Let's go back to being more in the moment with the people who give us joy and value in life.

    If you have more ideas for food on the grill, we love getting pictures sent or being tagged on social media, where we often share our customers' pictures or videos.