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Swivel wheel with brake Sale price€19,00 EUR


Swivel wheel with brake.

  • Robust galvanized finish.
  • Installation height 100 mm.
  • Wheel diameter 75 mm.
  • Unit: 1 piece per package.
  • 4 pcs. bolt set included.

A swivel wheel on a planter box can make it easier to maintain your plants, as it allows you to turn the box around so that all sides of the box receive equal amounts of sunlight and air. It can also make it easier to prune and pick plants.

It can also be useful if you have planters located in an area with changing sun conditions or wind directions, as it allows you to rotate the box to give your plants the best possible location for growth.

It can also be a practical solution if you have limited space, as it can make it easier to move the box around to make room for other items or to get the best view.

It can also be useful for people with limited mobility, as it can make it easier to reach and maintain plants without having to bend or stretch.