Fire pits/fire rings welded in 3 mm corten steel. H20 cm

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Good advice to light...

Welded fire pits/fire rings in 3 mm corten steel.

Now you can make the perfect bonfire area in your garden. A good idea could be to make a round shape with gravel or stone and place the bonfire ring on top. In this way you get the fine corten steel bonfire or bonfire ring the optimal conditions for a good and cozy campfire.

The bonfire ring in corten steel is a great addition to any outdoor campfire. The robust and durable material makes it ideal to withstand high temperatures and the hard conditions that a bonfire can create.

  • Available in different diameter sizes.
  • Simple design

The rustic and natural color of corten steel gives the campfire an authentic look that fits well with a cozy and intimate bonfire mood. The open design without the bottom not only creates a safe bonfire zone, but also makes it easy to remove the ash and clean the bonfire after use.

A bonfire in corten steel can also be an elegant and decorative addition to your garden or terrace even when not in use as a campfire. The modern and minimalist design makes it a beautiful and stylish element of your outdoor decor.

The fireplace in Corten steel also serves as a fantastic source of heat, especially in the cool evenings. You can enjoy yourself with friends and family around the fire while enjoying the warm and cozy atmosphere that it creates.

Finally, with benches or chairs around the campfire, you can create a great outdoor experience. Bonfire in Corten steel is perfect for attracting attention and forming a central place to gather around.