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BBQ plate and grate for CUBY BBQ Fire Pit 80 x 80 cm.

Sale price€616,00 EUR
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Grillplade og rist til CUBY bålgrill 80 x 80 cm.
BBQ plate and grate for CUBY BBQ Fire Pit 80 x 80 cm. Sale price€616,00 EUR


5 good reasons to get...

BBQ plate and grate for CUBY 80 x 80 cm. modules. 

Our CUBY BBQ plate and BBQ grate fit on top of our 80 x 80 cm. brazier modules. 

  • Heat using good quality solid fuel. Ready in 30-60 min.
  • Removable BBQ plate base in 12 mm. carbon steel.
  • Removable BBQ grill grate in 12 mm. carbon steel.
  • Total BBQing area 0.64 m2. Opening in the middle is 35 x 35 cm.
  • Height of the BBQ grill grate is 11.2 cm. There is a 10 cm. opening for fuel.
  • The BBQ plate and grate require regular oiling - otherwise completely maintenance-free.
  • In time, a thin layer of oil will build up on the BBQ plate and grate. This creates a non-stick surface that also helps retain the aroma of meat and spices.
  • The BBQ plate reaches different temperature zones. The hottest is towards the middle.
  • Can stand outside and be used to BBQ all year round. The need for a regular application of oil is minimised if you purchase a lid. The lid must only be used when the BBQ plate is cold.
  • Designed and manufactured byJEMA in Denmark.

Note: The BBQ plate must be set up completely level. Also be aware of the risk of spilling oil on the underlay.

Lubrication of the BBQ plate and grate with oil

The BBQ plate and grate comes pre-oiled with a thin protective layer of cooking oil. When you heat up the BBQ for the first time, scrape off the top layer using a stainless steel palette spatula. Once the grate is hot and cleaned we recommend you use a cooking oil such as sunflower oil or rapeseed oil - an oil with a high smoke point. Apply in thin layers using a cloth or paper towel. Gradually you will be able to see the formation of a protective, non-slip dark layer of oil. Remember to also apply oil to the sides of the BBQ plate and grate.

Carbon steel BBQ plate

Our BBQ plate and grate are made of carbon steel that needs to be oiled regularly to prevent corrosion. Carbon steel and cast iron are very similar and both are excellent for cooking. The biggest difference is that carbon steel contains a little less carbon than cast iron. Due to its high carbon content, cast iron has a tendency to clump together in the material which means there is a risk of fractures and cracks appearing on the surface. These may become porous and crack in time.

The structure of the material in carbon steel is more uniform and stable and the effects of heat will not damage the surface. The lifetime of our BBQ plate and grill is therefore extremely long.

Heating up the grill using solid fuel can result in large fluctuations in temperature between the heat source and BBQ plate . The very large thickness - 12 mm. of the byJEMA BBQ plate and grate ensures a guaranteed temperature and even distribution of temperature throughout the plate. Once the plate is warm you are guaranteed many hours of stable heated plate for your cooking.

Dirt and small particles of corrosion can be scraped off using a palette spatula. If it becomes necessary at some point, the heavy duty plate can also be sanded to create a clean surface that is like new.