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Pizza oven for CUBY Fire Pit.

Sale price€205,00 EUR
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Pizzaovn for CUBY bålgrill 80 x 80
Pizza oven for CUBY Fire Pit. Sale price€205,00 EUR


Assembly Instructions

Benefits using wood-f...

The pizza oven consists of a pizza plate in carbon steel and a lid in stainless steel. The pizza plate is shielded from the direct fire and gives your dough an optimal pizza crust. The heat in the oven is regulated by moving the lid more or less over the grill's embers and flames. We love a Neapolitan pizza cooked at 400 degrees and open fire, but you can also choose to make your pizzas with lower temperatures. It all lies in your setting and placement of the lid. Your guests will love the beautiful open pizza oven that bakes your pizzas perfectly. 

This is included:

  • Pizza baking steel in 6 mm. carbon steel. Steel conducts energy / heat more than 15 times more efficiently than stone.
  • Lid in 2 mm. stainless steel with thermometer. Can be regulated over the fire.
  • The width of the pizza plate is 39 cm
  • The free opening of the pizza oven is 8.4 cm. high.
  • The pizza plate must be oiled like your grill plate. It creates the same non-stick surface that you know from your grill.
  • Store insdoors when not in use.
  • Pizza is baked at optional heat and must be turned several times when baking.
  • The oven can of course also be used in free imagination for other than pizza.
  • Danish design and production of byJEMA.
ATTENTION! Only suitable for 80 x 80 fire pit.

Download the assembly instructions here: Assembly Instructions.pdf