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Rotisserie for CUBY BBQ Fire Pit 80 x 80

Sale price€342,00 EUR
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Rotisseri for CUBY bålgrill 80 x 80
Rotisserie for CUBY BBQ Fire Pit 80 x 80 Sale price€342,00 EUR


Assembly Instructions


The rotisserie for your byJEMA CUBY BBQ Fire Pit will now give you the opportunity to cook with spears over open fire. It allows you to heat the meat equally on all sides. With the rotating grill spear and motor, the heat from the fire will be distributed evenly and uniformly around all sides.

Your BBQ experience will be a hole new level of cooking. You can make everything from crispy whole chickens, skewered vegetables and the delicious crispy crackling of pork.

The rotisserie is made of stainless steel with the option of 4 different heights. 
Spear and motor is included.

The rotisserie is a rotating grill that can give you the juiciest chicken meat, the rotating motor ensures that the chicken gets heat all around, crispy skin and the meat becomes juicy and tender by being cooked over an open fire.

The slow rotation ensures that the meat does not lose moisture and retains its natural delicious flavor. Better taste does not exist.

The idea of ​​food rotating over open fire is not new, we have designed the rotisserie so it gives you endless opportunities to achieve new heights of your barbecue experience.

This is included:

  • Rotisserie module only suitable for 80 x 80 CUBY BBQ Fire Pit.
  • Spearforks
  • Cordless battery (2 x 1,5V) operated rotating motor (battery is not included)

NOTE !! Only 80 x 80 BBQ Fire Pit

The rotisserie must be assembled before you light the fire grill.
Always pay attention, the spearforks and module will get hot - therefore use grillgloves when moving spear.

Download the assembly instructions here: Assembly Instructions.pdf