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Corten steel fire pits

Steel fire pits have become very popular in recent years, and it's easy to see why. They are sturdy, durable and easy to maintain, and at the same time provide a cozy atmosphere in your garden or terrace. Furthermore, they provide a practical way to start a fire in the garden, where you can grill food over the fire or enjoy a good book next to it.

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But before you light up your new fire pit, it is important to think about safety. Make sure that the brazier is on a stable, flame-resistant surface and that it is not too close to flammable objects.
byJEMA's fire pit has a hole in the bottom that makes it easier to drain rainwater, and also has an integrated fire pit insert, so you can easily light the fire pit. In order to maintain good function and durability, it is important to maintain your fire pit.

Be sure to clean it after each use and protect it from rain and moisture if it is not used for a long time. The corten steel fire pit also acts as a fantastic source of heat, especially in the cool evenings.

You can enjoy yourself with friends and family around the fire while enjoying the warm and cozy atmosphere it creates. Finally, with benches or chairs around the fire pit, you can create a fantastic outdoor experience.
Corten steel fire pit is perfect for attracting attention and creating a central place to gather around.

Good advice for ignition:

To light up your bonfire in the easiest way, follow the following steps:

  1. Preparation: Place some large pieces of wood in the bottom of the bonfire so there is good air circulation. Also put some smaller pieces of wood on top so that a good and stable fireplace occurs.

  2. Turn on: Use a match or a lighter to turn on paper or dry leaves under the tree. Be patient until the fire is well underway.

  3. Add firewood: Once the fire has got off to a good start, you can put larger pieces of wood on top so that the fire burns for an extended period of time.

  4. Check the fire: Keep an eye on the fire and make sure there is sufficient air circulation to keep the fire going. You can also adjust the burners so that the fire burns evenly.

It is also important to have water or a fire cover nearby should an accident occur.